Western Australian Secondary Teaching Administrators' Association     

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The current Department of Education strategic directions document "Building on Strength" sets the course for the years ahead (to 2024). Within this statement are key foci for the operations of our school which directly impact on the roles of Level 3 Administrators and specifically how their leadership will need to build the capacity of people in schools.

Conference 2021 seeks to align with these goals and to specifically assist participants in developing and consolidating their leadership skills set. As school leaders in middle management, a key challenge that has been identified by our Level 3 members is the ability to bring people together in their teams. It is often difficult in terms of how to strike a balance between the needs and expectations across generations - Generation X, Millennials, Generation Z and, of course, those Baby Boomers who are reaching retirement.

The immediate future for our Level 3 administrators will be one of challenges of bringing it all together and the busy working life experienced by our middle managers will make it even more challenging. Our leaders will need to be prepared with the knowledge and skills sets required to manage their roles effectively.

When considering the future of our work, there are several aspects that rise high in terms of needing attention. To make our work environments function effectively, leaders will need to be aware of the skills set known as "Soft Skills". The soft skills identified as important in the workplace include communications, teamwork, motivation, problem-solving, enthusiasm, and trust (Chute, 2012; Ellis, Kisling, & Hackworth, 2014; Rasul, Rauf, & Mansor, 2013; Robles, 2012; Wahl et al., 2012).

In consultation with Level 3 teaching administrators, our WASTAA Executive have developed a day of quality professional learning experiences that will engage and energize you.

Our keynote speaker will be Andrew Horabin (https://www.bullshift.com/what-is-bullshift/) who will address key aspects of effective workplaces and effective communication. His presentation will engage, entertain and inspire.

Break out sessions throughout the day will consist of a choice of presentations by Jenny Cole (www.positivelybeaming.com.au ) and Claire Orange (https://www.claireorange.com.au/). Topics offered will be: Shifting the Culture, The First Shift - Getting Clear, Leading Your Team - Starting strong and Staying on Track, Launching Future Leaders, Promoting Resilience, Addressing Social Media and Effective Leadership (Peter Hamilton's findings from research in 2019).

The day will end with an interactive plenary session facilitated by Andrew Horabin where participants can reflect on what they have learnt and consider how they will action this in their schools.